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Printing Pages & PDFs

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Knack has a print feature to enable printer-friendly versions of your pages that are suited for printing and converting to a PDF.

You can add a print link to any page in your Live App. First, select the page from the page tree, then access the Settings tab to access the "Show print link" option:

Once activated, a "print" link will then display in the top right corner of the app page:

Clicking the print link will send the page to your browser's default print function.

Knack automatically removes the header, footer, and most of the links from the page to create a printer-friendly version to send to the browser's print function.

Any views on your page will automatically be included. You can control the layout of the printed page by editing these views.

RichText Views

RichText views are a great way to add additional text and images to your page. Use as many RichText views as needed to add logos, headers, explanations, terms, footers, etc. to your page.

Image/Background Prints

Your browser may disable images and/or backgrounds by default. In Chrome, for example, this can be toggled using the "Background Graphics" option:

image alt text

Most modern browsers also allow you to save the print job as a PDF. This is an effective way to generate PDFs from your Knack app. Here's an example of saving to PDF with Google Chrome:

image alt text

Custom PDFs

If you need a more custom PDF, you can post your project in our Expert Network to connect with a developer that can customize something for you.

It is also possible to integrate with Formstack Documents to create custom PDFs.

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