Working with Icons

In this article, we will show you how to make the most of icons in various sections of your Knack app.

In order to enhance the visual experience of your application, it is possible to incorporate icons in various sections of you app. In this article, we will provide guidance on the precise locations and methods to integrate icons.

Using Icons

Icons can be incorporated in various sections of your application, allowing for a diverse range of icon options to choose from. They can be added to multiple locations within your app, enhancing the visual experience for your users.

Page Menu

Page menus are the large menus located at the top of your applications, featuring links to each starting page. You have the freedom to add an icon to any page within the page menu.

Image of an example Page Menu in a Live App


To incorporate an icon into a page in the page menu, simply choose the desired page from the Pages section of the Knack builder. Then, access the "Settings" tab located in the top menu or click on the Settings option next to the page name.

Image of the Page Settings in the Pages section of the Knack Builder

This will open the Settings for that specific page, giving you the option to easily add an icon.

Image of icon settings in the Page Settings

A popup will appear, giving you the option to select from a variety of icons and adjust the alignment of the icon.

You have the flexibility to choose whether the icon should be aligned to the left or right side of the button text.

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Menu View

Menu views provide you with the ability to include button or tab menus that link to other pages in your application or external URLs. You can easily incorporate icons when adding or editing a link while editing a Menu view.

Image of an example Menu view in a Live App

To edit the view, simply click on the pencil icon located to the right of the view name, similar to other view types.

Image of the pen icon highlighted on a Menu view in the Knack Builder


While editing the view, from within the "Add Links" section, you can select to link to a new page, link to an existing page, or link to a URL. After selecting one of the three options, you will be able to choose to add an icon.

Image of the Link Properties and the Icon option highlighted

After selecting "add icon", a modal pop-up will appear where you can choose the desired icon to use.

Image of the icon modal-pop from the Knack Builder

Grid & Search Views

Icons can also be utilized in Grids and Search views, which are specifically designed to showcase multiple records in your application. By implementing display rules based on the record values, you can effortlessly incorporate icons into the grid columns of these views.

Grid Columns

To add icons to your grid columns, select to edit the view. In the view editor, hover over a column to select the edit icon:

Image of the pen icon to edit a grid column higlighted

From there, you can select "Add Rule" under the Display Rules section: 

Image of the display rules highlighted in the column properties from the Knack Builder

There are two sections to a rule, "If" and "Then":

  • If: Use the "If" section of the rule to define when the icon will be displayed.
  • Then: Specifies what will be displayed when the "If" statement is true.

You can easily add multiple display rules by selecting either the "Add Rule" button.

To display an icon, simply select "Display Icon" from the dropdown list in the "Then" section.

Image of the display rule toolbox and the add icon option highlighted from the Knack Builder

View Links

Icons can also be added to columns that have special links, such as links to view more details, edit, delete, or navigate to another page.

To edit a view using a grid, simply hover over the columns that contain the link and click on the pen icon to access the column settings.

In the "Properties" section of the column settings, you can simply select "add icon" to easily incorporate an icon into the column link.

Image of the add icon option higlighted in the Knack Builder under Column Properties

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Other Views

Icons can be incorporated into special links within List, Detail, Calendar, and Map views as well. These links enable users to access additional details, make edits, delete items, and navigate to other pages.

Here, you can take a look at these links in a list view, complete with icons.

Image of icons shown in an example Live App


When editing these view types, you have the ability to include links by accessing the "Column Properties" section. These links will then be added as separate fields within the view.

To incorporate an icon into these views, simply select the desired view from the Pages section of the Knack Builder to access the settings. Next, hover over the link you want to add an icon to in the view preview and click on the pen icon to edit the link.

Image of the add icon option highlighted under the List Item Properties

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